Saturday, March 27, 2010

Real-Life Thoughts

Paula Agrella, an Insurance Producer and Broker from Exeter, New Hampshire wrote

"I make my son Ben's lunch everyday: turkey or salami sandwich, raw carrots, raw green beans, raw broccoli tops, a cheese stick, a whole apple and cup of yogurt. He has lost 20 lbs since I started making his lunches this year. That just goes to show you how much fat and junk was in the food and that he was eating at school and the food I continued to feed him at night because he said it was "what he liked.” Now, he loves his lunches of fruits and veggies, and kids at his table are begging him to share his green beans and broccoli. It all depends on what these kids are exposed to. Ben also watched Supersize Me recently and was horrified. My other son Alex eats almost every meal at Los Olas, a fresh Mexican food place. The food is nutritious so I don't mind."

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